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Energy Park and District Heating System
Working in collaboration with the community of Lyndonville, Vermont, Greenergy Development generated a concept and conducted a technical and financial feasibility study for the Green Mountain Biomass Energy Park: a 2 MW Biomass CHP Plant, a Wood Pellet manufacturing facility, a Greenhouse, and a District Heating Utility to serve schools, buildings, and homes throughout the town.

Waste Heat Recovery
Over its 25 year history, GMCR has been on a journey to create and sustain a values driven company. The effort to control and reduce energy consumption has always been part of their environmental mission. Greenergy Development consulted with the Environmental Affairs division of GMCR to evaluate waste-heat recovery options for its roasting operations in order to increase efficiencies, reduce fuel usage, and improve the emissions profiles. 


Biomass CHP Plant and  Campus Energy System
Agricultural science and environmental studies are two of the strongest progams at Lyndon State College. In the spirit of these programs, the College has set a goal to reduce its carbon footprint and energy expenditures, and to become one of the greenest campuses in the East. To move this effort forward, Greenergy collaborated with the Administration to conduct a technical and financial feasibility study for a central biomass CHP plant and district heating network to provide heat and power to the entire campus.   


Biomass CHP Plant and Campus Energy System
St. Johnsbury Academy is developing a reputation as one of the most diverse and innovative secondary schools in northern New England. With the support of dedicated alumni and trustees, the Academy is implementing green energy solutions campus wide. Greenergy is collaborating with the Administration and Kingdom Development Company to develop a biomass CHP system that will supply renewable heat and power power to the entire school.